Home Studio

Greetings friends.  It’s been a low-news week around here…not too much to report and not too much coming in except off of the internet and you’ve seen the same stuff I have…

So after coffee and the BEE (luckily we got to GENIUS early today…phew)

I carefully considering wardrobe options (Kay suggested number one might be too heavy for daily wear and Fanny noted the fine line between survival and fashion.)

I stepped to my home studio…the dining room table…

Each day I’m doing a drawing in a series I’m calling (originality taking a backseat to reality) the Corona Series…

The drawing is just a one day effort and when I finish I put it straight into the flat file.  Today I filed number 11 and when I reach 20 I’ll take them out and look at them (I have 40 pieces of paper).  Luckily I have a ready source of ideas…

In other news Cynthia’s wisteria is blooming…in one week!

the neighborhood is beginning to look like summer…

I’ve spent a little time in the sewing studio…

and today the only incoming mail was the snail blog with the weird thing where the post office machines scrape off certain things…

Wish I had a little more for you but it’s pretty quiet here…

Keep in touch…



  1. Nice to know you’re well and continuing to make good use of your time, wish you’d rub off on me. After a month of being mostly inside, yesterday was a melting point, so really missed your input. Glad you’re back.

  2. Well, GLORY BE!!! My grandmother used to say that, and for some reason, when i saw you had made us a post, it was the first thing to come to mind. What you consider to be not much news is eye popping, heart stopping to some of us out here.
    Isn’t it crazy how the mail still gets to us even after the machines have scrapped off pertinent info? Got to love our mail carriers.
    And how do you keep your studio floor so clean?
    And i love that you draw everyday. You are such an inspiration Bonnie!
    Stay safe and keep on writing. xo

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