The Sameness of Our Days

One of the snail blog cards that arrived today spoke to the absolute routine of our days:

Ellen lives in Vermont and writes a card everyday.  Presumably she could just slap a sticker on a card and send it off…The number circled in the upper right is the card count, today 3544…10 years of cards and (of course) I have them all.  (She doesn’t want them back…I think it’s a future gallery show called SNAIL BLOG.  Someday.)  My list would have weeding on it, otherwise life in Salem and life in Vermont are quite similar.  Today began differently though as I made a drawing early, the BEE, and then Klaus was just determined to get a picture of R during ZOOM exercise…and Klaus can be very determined…

We took a very short drive to see the demolition of the former Leslie Jr. High School…bad…

across the street though I saw this (good)

and that is all I have for you today…very little thinking going on.  Keep in touch.



  1. Enough to bring a little light into my existence within the walls of my home. I too went out, picked some things up at the Walgreens drive through. . .whoopie!!!!

  2. Could not help but notice your beautiful floor in the Zoom Room. Remembering all your hard work getting ready for that project….so worth the trouble.
    Maybe you could show us your “Bee!” drawing?

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