Rye Bread and the Kindness of Friends

Another random, nonsensical day filled with odd and wonderful moments.  Today I thought that really the truth is we’ll all look back on this time of isolation as a magical time, a transitional time between “the good old days” and the difficulties that lie ahead, which we are beginning to understand will become more pronounced.  In between will be this spring of enjoying the garden, making and receiving thoughtful gifts for friends and baking some bread.

I have to admit to not really liking sourdough…there it is.  But I found rye flour at the bottom of the freezer and made some orange/fennel rye bread that was easy, exactly like the recipe said at every step, and totally delicious.

Did you know that if you get EVERY word on the BEE you can be a QUEEN BEE?  So this happened…

My almost-aerobic activity was getting the slip cover off the couch, washing it and (alas) wrestling it back on…(note the prep cook in the kitchen doing the dinner prep…).

The drawings continue…(I really miss drawing with these people…I asked them each to send me a selfie)

and today was a day of the sweetest gifts…(thanks Dayna and Joni…so lovely)

(and Klaus was over the moon to FINALLY get a mask..Dayna knew).

A floral tribute arrived late in the day bringing springtime into the room…(thanks Mike and Gretchen)

We took an outing (first time out in quite a while) to deliver the taxes to the accountant and get gas…whaaaat?

and I called The Art Department to ask about getting some supplies.  I wanted pink colored pencils and Katy said she’d text me some choices…

oh…well…one of each I guess.  AND THEN with my order I got a “thank you rock”…how cool is that?

Better give them a call and keep that supply chain open!

the mail came (LINDA!)

I wrote my blog post for Saturday while watching R’s Marco Polo to the kids…

and that’s a wrap.  No weeding today, rain.  Stay safe friends.  Stay home.

Keep in touch




  1. It sounds like you just had the best day, if not ever, pretty close. It made me happy to read all the wonderful news! That bread, oh that bread! I actually started drooling. It must have been wonderful.

  2. It sounds like you had another full, rich, and lovely day in the midst of being quarantined. Obviously, you and Roger are well loved.

  3. I was all excited at the thought of the rye bread – I have rye flour! Until I realized it uses yeast. There has been no yeast available in these parts for weeks….
    I will save the recipe along with the one for the savory muffins.
    And it sounds like a lovely day, despite the aerobics.
    : )

  4. Your bread looks wonderful! I rather like sourdough.. especially in pretzels. The lilacs are so pretty,I can almost smell them. You really should have done a scratch & sniff .🤓 I know it’s not nice that this covid -19 has hit, but it’s been wonderful how people are reaching out to each other.

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