Plant Retrieval?

In the spirit of the times, and with the inability to go to a nursery, I’m devoting my plant-pot attention to the old plants, the plants R put in the basement for the winter…geraniums mostly, and a begonia.  They were bone dry, full of cobwebs, spindly…but I brought them up, tidied and trimmed and repotted or refreshed the soil.  They are happy already, even after just one day in the sunshine…we’ll just see how it goes.  Yesterday he washed the porch and I brought up a rickety old wicker thing…

I was musing about spray painting it but, well no paint, a big mess…nope.  If it makes it through the summer I’ll be happy.

At Christmas we moved this table to the porch and it turns out to be very handy…(and this pot was made by Genie Stewart in the 1970’s…glad to have it back in use…)


Mike brought me three different varieties of cherry tomatoes so this will be an experiment..

grape tomatoes

Black Cherry

Sweet and juicy

I’m reusing old pots too…

I don’t know about the begonia though…

or this geranium…

these look okay though…

It isn’t glorious or a symphony of color and foliage, or anything really except the fun of watching plants come back to life and fight their way forward, like the rest of us…

Keep in touch friends


  1. Just wonderful. I am not going to the nurseries. They are just too crowded. How wonderful to give these guys a new lease on life. Your porch looks great. Love you two.

  2. 13th St. Nursery has online shopping and they bring plants to your vehicle. Grocery delivery has been so smooth I might not go back to the grocery store as much even after we have a vaccine. Love your pots.

      1. We have used Fred Meyer South, Safeway South, and Walmart on Turner for delivery. Lifesource also delivers. We have used Roths in West Salem for grocery pick up. They load in to the back of your vehicle so there is no contact. Fred Meyer uses Instacart so you can actually text with your shopper why they are in the store. This is key for the items that are hard to get. The shopper can grab things not sold via online shopping. The coveted items like TP, paper towels, and bleach wipes. The shopper can pick up things you forgot or go look to see what is in stock.

        All the stores have pluses and minuses and most offer curbside and delivery. It was hard to get time slots at first only that is opening up more now. You can’t change an order once its submitted with most stores and you won’t know what is out until the order is pulled. The exception being Instacart stores. I pick my day with Fred Meyer and place an order. Then continue to change that order up until an hour before my shopper starts. Handy since you might run out or forget something. Vegetarian household so the only down side is not being able to pick my own produce. 😮 )

  3. Love that you are using your old pots, i use mine as well. It seems they have a story to tell. Hope the old wicker thing makes it thru the summer, and then some. But that table, oh that table, what a beauty! Look forward to you ongoings. xo

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