And So Ends Week 15

Oh my.   Remember the “Friday feeling” (relief), the “Sunday feeling” (dread/anticipation), the “Wednesday feeling” (half-way)?   Now that we’re in a different realm entirely, the landscape is only populated with random events, delights, dreads in no sequential order.  Maybe the senses are more alive? Though I think I’ve always enjoyed my life as it flows around me, I seem to take a new delight in the smallest thing (because maybe the smallest thing is the ONLY thing in a given day?)

Next Monday we start week 16 of the quarantine.  I’ve made 59 drawings in the “corona series,” I’ve baked challah and rye bread and french bread and scones, I’ve tended my garden a little, gone to the beach for two nice long weeks, zoomed, collected masks of varying sorts, read many books, made 22 place-mats, all this while people were suffering, being murdered, marching and protesting. The world is not what I thought it was…it seems both meaner and kinder than I previously imagined.  We rely on our friends and our community to help us stay safe, and they do.  We are kept engaged by creative work and understand we are lucky to have it.  We struggle with how to be a part of change when we don’t leave the house much.  We watch everybody struggling in these ways and finding creative answers, or not.  There seems to be nothing to say that is new…so let’s leave it there and just do images from here…

pesto day (formerly known as Friday)

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  1. Love your thoughts and images. Yes all in our sheltered spaces. Well not all. Some ferl they can run around like what they do is not prolonging it.
    Made my pickle soup last night. Recipe from a little restaurant in Sellwood we would gonto when in PDX. Sigh..
    Making California pizza on grill this weekend and roasted tomatoes with basil from my kitchen garden for my grain salad bowl. And, creating quilts, art, sketching, walks and reading. Take care Bonnie.

  2. Lovely post! Those green tomatoes made my mouth water as a plate of green fried tomatoes came to mind. Great Lake view.

  3. dear Bonnie………………that was as nurturing as 15 minutes ofmeditation……………now if you could just manage, “scratch and sniff” it would be perfect ! Nadine

  4. How i delighted in each and every photo! And Friday’s new name, and just the fact that you share your beautiful world. Thank you!!!

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