And Then There Comes a Day…

Mostly this time since March 13th, when quarantine began here, has been…well…flat.  A medical, cultural and economic crisis continues to whirl in the big world but we have been confined to a little world (and while I consider it to have been “flat”, the curator thinks it has been a reverie, a calming time of enforced contemplation and welcome quiet…)

My exhibit at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art could not open May 9th.  R’s Clifford Gleason exhibit at the HFMA could not open June 6th.  We were absolved of opening receptions, lectures, gallery tours.  My exhibit is entitled “Memory as Myth” and I began to think this was aptly named…but suddenly last week we got word that indeed the museum will open August 20th with two exhibits: “Bonnie Hull: Memory as Myth” and “Clifford Gleason: The Promise of Paint”…the monograph written by curator Roger Hull “Clifford Gleason: The Promise of Paint” will be for sale.  Woohoo!!

Things were wrapped, packed, transported…from the Mill studio,

from XGallery in Portland,

from home and from collectors

and today we delivered the drawing books for the cases in the print room…they are off the dining room table at last.

We met with exhibition designer and  preparator Silas Cook about possible wall colors and placement

and we began to arrange the drawing books in the display cases and arrange the work on paper

and by the time we left for lunch Silas and Fred were painting the gallery

This east wall will have a grid of 16 of the 65 new Corona Series drawings I’ve been working on during quarantine

and I have to admit…it was pretty exciting.  Next time we’re in everything should  be up…My exhibit is up until October 17th and the Gleason show until October 31st.  Hope you can come take a look…

and because it always is true things come in bunches, a new gallery opens in Salem this Friday night:

Salem on the Edge, 156 Liberty Street NE, and my work will be there with a group of 14 artists.  I’m pretty sure you’ll need to check it out and support Melanie Weston..not many people would open a gallery at this moment, but we’re glad she has…(the two white ones to the left of center are mine)…

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  1. Wonderful. Glad the exhibit is “on” and congratulations. Love all those sketch books they’ll look great in the glass cases.

  2. I can not wait to see your show. No one deserves a show at Hallie Ford more than you. I am thrilled.

  3. GASP!!! In shear delight! This sneak peak is enticing as can be…..can hardly wait to see the show!

  4. This is the happiest news that I have read in a long while. Congratulations and I can’t wait to stand in a room and be surrounded by your work.

  5. Thank you, Bonnie❤️ Seeing your drawing/paintings always inspires me to get to work. Headed to the drawing table now.

  6. Oh Hallelujah for the day that has come!!!! How very Very exciting!! Good for you dear Bonnie! And to have continued to work, producing your drawings, having faith that in fact, this day would come. All so great! Can’t wait! Sue-Del

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