The Fate of Quilts

The fate of many quilts is not unlike the two I received from a friend…she thought they were too far gone but that maybe I would want to do something with them. She was right, they are pretty far gone…at least for the work I do and the time I have to do it in. But it brings to the front of my mind the whole idea of quilts piling up (ask any quilter) and what to do with them…

How to safe guard old quilts…how to preserve my own work. First sign every quilt. Either right on the block or with a label. Consider making labels for old quilts you own from family members…quilts where you know the maker.

Second, save the old quilts that still have life in them. Use them. Enjoy them. Combine them with new quilts…

Find ways to use even the ones that are worn and well loved…

and don’t be afraid to discard the parts that are too worn or stained to use…

while saving and re-purposing what you can…

Sit on them, love them, make them a part of daily life.


  1. A beautiful piece, Bonnie. Sitting here in the cabin quilting on “the tiles of st. Magnus, Orkney”, waiting for the snow to start and thinking of you all with love.

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