One More Week

“Memory as Myth”…the exhibit of my work currently at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art in Salem, will soon be a sweet memory.

In the Study Galley all the work is from this past year…

The reference point for this exhibit is the translation of memory to a visual format, a fascinating process producing things remembered and new.

“Pop’s Floor” and “Meadow”

“Pool”, “The Long Long Hall” and “The Sun Still Shines”

Since Quarantine I’ve been working on a series of drawings, all 18″ X 24″ called the Corona Series. These are 16 of the current 72 drawings…and counting (until my paper runs out)

“16,600 Marks Representing a Fraction of the over 100,00 lives lost” 5-25-20 (now, of course, that number is 212,000). Me trying to visualize 100,00 and counting every mark.

In the Print-Study Gallery are some of my many volumes of drawing books, as well as work ranging from 1979 through 2019…

“Tender Messages, Tendrils of Thought” 11-19-99

“A Dove Appears to Mr. Heaney in Tonopah” 6-26-04

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  1. Greg and I visited your exhibits at the Museum last Saturday. I have always loved your drawings so it was a treat to see so many of them, and your paintings gave me such a lift! The vivid colors and whimsical patterns just made my heart happy. It was perfect timing to have this exhibit on view to brighten our lives during this time of pandemic, social and political unrest, and devastating wildfires. And Roger’s labels are always a joy to read, as they really help uneducated viewers appreciate the paintings.

    Congratulations, and thank you both for all you have done for the arts community in Salem and the Northwest, and most especially for your friendship. I miss you! Wishing you well, Linda

  2. I love your Dove appears in Tonopah. Been there many times and you depict it well.

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  3. Thanks for this wonderful reminder…..i will get my hermit self to town this week,,,,, think i’ll bring my son, as he will be visiting. A special treat for both of us. xo

  4. I wish I could see the show for real. I would dearly love to spend some quality time poring over your amazing sketch books!
    Congrats on being able to pull it together despite everything.

  5. I was feeling shut in and frustrated with the Covid blues so took a jaunt to the museum. Your show is very real, human, and love based. Love of the world, people, color, and activity surrounding you.
    I am incredibly proud that I own a piece of your work. I look at it literally everyday. Occasionally I think of you and the story (memory myth) that you told me about the painting. Again, very personal.

    1. Thank you Lois. I do in fact love the world, the people the colors and activities that surround me. Especially in this covid-time and politically unsettled country of ours, appreciation for our lives and the fortunate time we had lived in is important to remain upright. I’m so happy that you have something of mine that brings enjoyment. Your forthright manner and commentary is a joy.

  6. Such a fabulous show! But I don’t think you’re done yet. You have much more to share with the world!

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