Mood Swings

In an effort to remain positive, in spite of the news arc, here are some uplifting items from the last week…from this little world. After the loveliest Thanksgiving with the grands, opening gifts (birthdays for Sidney 7, Vivien 2, R 77), laughing (remember laughing?)

We headed to the beach, arriving at sunset…

for more birthday…

the beginning of Christmas lights…

and people just brought us stuff…madeleines, soup…

pumpkin snickerdoodles…

and then when we got home we found a bag of persimmons

Today though was spirit-lifting all day long…bringing the little funky trees up from the basement began to get us in the mood.

But the real treat, found on our morning walk, was this fence. This business property is behind our house and for three years was a homeless camp because the owners refused to fence it off. New owners, new fence, happy neighbors (us).

At the end of the daylight part of the day we decided to get a coffee and go to the river to watch the sunset, and the last light caught a tree on our street…then off to the riverfront…just in time…

Coming soon..I’m moving studio so December will be “packing up.” Maybe you recognize where I’ll be in January…?


  1. Glad you found cheer for the holiday and wonderful birthdays with the kids and Roger. My nieghbors brought me enough food for 3 days.. I had turkey dinner for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Thats alot of meals. It made it possible to spend all my time in the studio. It was great.! No birthday partys. JJ

  2. What a super joyful posting. Thanks, Bonnie for it. And Happy Birthday Rober, and all there. love, ginny

  3. Jim alerted me that you posted a nice post with some great pictures. Yay to the fence! That has been such an annoyance for so long. So many loving moments! Thanks for sharing, Love you guys!

  4. Grand kids make everything better. You capture the beauty and happiness in everyday life. Love your photos. Cheers!

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