A Pandemic Christmas

There was hardly a creature stirring when we headed up the freeway early Christmas morning. After a variety of scenarios were discussed, we collectively decided to head north early for the gift opening, not remove masks for eat or drink, no hugging of course. We exchanged food dishes for later, and headed home feeling very grateful for the chance to have a brief family moment with the kids…Vivien met us at the door in her new cape.

coloring was very popular…

Dinosaurs were very popular

Cheryl had the best mask

Books, always a favorite,


an old painting of mine in a new home…

Joe the cat remained untroubled throughout

and then we said goodbye to this little village and headed home…

I cleared my art supplies and gift wrap off the table and set it up for dinner for two (even though it can and has seated 12)…

We exchanged a few gifts…I’d been thinking of my Mom and wanted a split-leaf philodendron…

And then the Christmas dinner for two…a toast…

and maybe we felt a little bit…well…

but there was a Christmas bonus. After a semi-tragic accident, Sue Mason’s nice pot has been restored by an elf…

And on we go friends, not knowing what 2021 will bring, but bravely we advance.

For Christmas past…1944, Idaho…Piatt gives baby Roger a bath…

Keep in touch with each other.


  1. So glad that your darlings are close, as are most of mine. Different but not a Christmas without it’s pleasures. Hoping for a Merry New Year for all of us.

  2. Lovely pics as always, Bonnie. Although I was a little sad about the no hugs part, but what to do? Oh my, that 1944 pic of Roger in the bath, what a different time. I’m so glad you guys have each other, just as I am glad my mom and I have each other. At least we have a small tribe in these times. Otherwise my mom would get no hugs and how truly sad that would be.

  3. Though different, you managed to find the JOY and make everything beautiful! Thank you for sharing. I find it a blessing to know you. xoxo

  4. This celebration of your “Pandemic Christmas” filled me with joy, Could a more festive, memorable celebration be possible?

    (It’s gray and drizzly outside; I have a ceiling-high pile of blue books to grade. But: your post teased out the sun.

    Love to you and Roger and all your precious elves,


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