Staying Safe

I think we know we can’t really stay safe. Staying safe depends on our village staying safe and even in the loveliest village there is always somebody who doesn’t pay attention, somebody who doesn’t think of the good of the village. Pandemic talk.

Unmasked shoppers trying to go into TJ’s insisting on “my right to shop”…(not a hitherto known right?), people from someplace else breaking into our own State Capitol building. Helicopters over our neighborhood. Safety as illusion.

But even as our political system grinds on this week, citizens of this village…will do what we can do, and in every situation, every encounter, every errand, we will wear a mask. It is a such a very small thing to do, and how enormous that in a world out of control we can each do this thing to help each other. Stay Safe friends.


  1. And they’re such cheap fashion accessories too! A different look for every day for a fraction of the cost of a new scarf, a new shirt or a new coat.

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