My Aunt Lu

Growing up I had two Aunts who were so important to me…people who talked to me and listened, who thought of me, helped me, hung out with me.

Today was my Aunt Lu’s birthday…she was born in 1918 and was my father’s sister. She died in November of 1999 and I painted this painting on that day…with great sadness. The house at the top is Lu’s Illinois house gone dark. The house at the bottom is my house in the far west with the lights still on. Between us are mountains and rivers and fields…and love.

Yesterday I heard that this painting is now on view in the lobby of the Hallie Ford Museum of Art with other new acquisitions. If you stop in the museum send Lu a little message.

“Tender Messages, Tendrils of Thought”
My Aunt Lu Decker Browne on her 80th birthday. My cousin and I flew in and gave her a party!


  1. Touched my heart, Bonnie, I, too, had two aunts, each of whom seemed to understand me and could now and then say something useful to help me. Thanks for the post and for LU!! love, Ginny

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