The new “Pavilion”

Here’s Paul Smith standing next to the shelter he built recently in one long weekend in our back garden. After summer #1 of the pandemic we realized our great luck at having a peaceful spot to sequester, but were pleased to have Paul agree (after we saw the shelter he built for our son and family) to come and make one for us. He first came and surveyed the situation,

made a plan, chatted with us briefly and started working. After a few bricks were removed at the corners for the posts to be set in cement, construction began…and it looked like this:

the pressure treated posts were faced with cedar…the braces were an on-site inspiration…

…and so the summer fun begins.

(Paul is available should you want a similar summer pavilion in your own yard!)


  1. How wonderful to get a new place to visit without leaving home! Love watching a build but the last pictures are the best ones, lucky you.

  2. My gosh! That is fabulous. Definitely, an artistic, but practical enhancement. (As if it could get better in your back yard!)

  3. Would Paul mind paying us a visit in idyllic New Jersey? We ourselves could really use a gracious pavilion like the one he made you. Perhaps you could come along, Bonnie, to decorate it.


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  4. A perfectly lovely addition to your yard…..i especially love the braces! It will be a wonderful place to stop and catch your breath on your way to the studio, especially in the rain. You may even find other uses for it!

  5. What a handsome retreat! I love his design of the “columns”…Happy grandmother’s Day!!

  6. Can’t wait to have a sketch session there! It would be cool to put a finial on top made by a ceramic or metal artist:)

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