This Friday and Saturday (November 5th and 6th) the Willamette Heritage Center (1313 SE Mill St SE) will be hosting Quiltopia, 2021. Like everything else, the popular annual exhibit was cancelled in 2020, but is back this year!

Because my painting studio is part of the Studios at the Mill (at the Willamette Heritage Center) because I’m on the first floor and now accessible, because I am also a quilter…all the the indications were pointing to getting out some quilts and joining the fun.

Last year the quilt challenge was to make a small quilt relating to “place”…this place in the valley. Salem. We were given two fabrics…

And I chose to make a map of my neighborhood which is the Court Chemeketa Residential Historic District. There will be an exhibit of the 13 others at the Grand Hotel, but I didn’t get the message, so mine is at the studio.

I’ve been bringing quilts every day and am enjoying looking at past efforts…reminding myself of all the work and all the people and moments and feelings that are stitched into every quilt…randomly, like a Journal chapter.

I also have a stack of “rescue” quilts , one of my interests.

If you’re out and about, I’ll be sewing on site Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.…come say hello.


  1. Bonnie, you are a marvel!! Every quilt has something different to say and the amazing stitching astounds me. Where do you find the time and patience?!

  2. Sorry I didn’t make it Bonnie. Love seeing your quilts on Wednesday though. 💜Katy

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