The Perfect Christmas

When I was in my prime (ancient history) I felt it was necessary to try to make the perfect holiday/dinner/painting/loaf of bread. I thought I was in charge. Age has made a few things crystal clear, and two of those things are that I’m not in charge and that the perfect moment just has to materialize. There’s magic in it, and magic is…well…magic.

This year, wonderfully, the magic arrived all on its own. It wasn’t just the gifts, the family, the messages, the snow…it was being alive to partake of all of it and the blending of Christmases past with this very moment. I’m betting our images aren’t too different than your own, but this blog is now like a scrapbook for me, and I want these in my scrapbook. So here it was. A new year lies ahead of us with challenges, sadness, hilarity…and behind us just now is the perfect Christmas. Happy New Year friends.


  1. A perfect Christmas and a perfect blog post for the ending of 2021! Vivien in pink flippers is a child star, so pretty. And Dave enjoyed seeing the book Sidney was using to identify all the tiny parts that apparently belong to the spacecraft he is constructing. Dave, of course, constructed cars not spaceships. Reading and looking at your pictures on your blog post today made us feel happy, which is a great feeling to have aroused at the end of this year. The photo with you in it is a winner! What a scarf! Here we go into 2022! Cheers!

  2. Magical, Christmas, wonderful pictures, we had that too, I am happy if everyone can come together! Happy New Year!

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