The Girls

A rainy, cold, dreary February Saturday. There’s a war. There’s illness. We can’t go for a walk. In an effort to find something positive to do, I decided to fix the girls’ heads and for a moment, it was an antidote.

The doll on the right was my mother’s doll, now about 100 years old and called Patsy Ann. Her head was cracked and the top was peeling off, but Vivien liked her anyway…

My friend Irene gave me the doll on the right…smaller but in reality…also named Patsy Ann. Vivien immediately began calling her “Fancy Ann” and the name suits her, but as you can see she came with a head also cracked and peeling. I had thought of just simply trying to spackle their heads, but never had gotten to it until I had to spackle my studio wall so they could paint it white on Monday

So spackle, sanding, paint, and today a single coat of polymer for protection and shine. This probably decreases their value as antiques, but we don’t care because the girls are looking GOOD!

Now to see if Vivien notices they’ve been fixed!


  1. I always enjoy your posts but this one, after a week in which the world took another turn for the worst, did my heart good. Such a simple, thoughtful act of preservation when we can feel immobilized is a true inspiration. I’m going to my studio to paint.

  2. They look brand new! You have restored them to their original beauty. And fiddle de dee about value, these (adorable) babies are for love’n !

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