Open Studio

Last weekend was the “Sheep to Shawl” event at the Willamette Heritage where I (and 10 other artists) am lucky enough to have studio space. We chose this moment to reopen studios…for the first time in two years. Since the last open studio I’ve moved to a bigger studio on the main floor, where many people haven’t visited me…so it was more fun than ever to visit and catch up. I put this piece of paper on the wall two weeks ago in preparation for my exhibit “Marking Time” coming November 11- December 24, 2022 at the AN Bush Gallery. It suddenly occurred to me it would make a good photo back drop, and so it did…


Claire and Corrie

Jeff and Paula
Ron Cooper

Ron has been a Salem newspaper photographer for decades…and he still was after a story

Sidney and Vivien were doing some drawing…

Tom and Kathleen
Dave and Lois
Jonathan again

Enough. I missed many people….but it was a fun day for sure.


  1. Dear Bonnie: Every day the first thing I look for in my in-box are posts from you: they make my day, and fill me with warmth and appreciation for the friends and sights and sounds and, especially, children, who make up for an awful lot of the shit on the national and international stage.

    Love to you and Roger,


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  2. Fun times. Good to hear from you. Glad you haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. I hope to come to your exhibit.

  3. Vivien of the pout and veiled tiara is destined for greatness – a monarch in the making. AND your studio looks GREAT. Wish we had been there to stand near the red wall.

  4. I love seeing you, dear Bonnie, as active, creative and surrounded by the many lovely, loving people in your life! As well as those wonderful grandchildren! I hope to get down to your new space. And certainly to your Fall exhibit.

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