Graduation Day

It’s graduation day, June 13, 1970. Dyche Stadium, Evanston, Illinois. The young man came to Northwestern University in 1966 from Whitman College, and in four short years earned an MA and a PhD…and found a wife.

Soon after the photo-op they hitched their VW Bug to a UHaul truck and headed west…he returning to the Pacific Northwest of his childhood, she on her first trip west of eastern Iowa. The arrived in Salem, Oregon, on June 24, 1970 and began their grownup lives.

Yesterday, May 15, 2022, he received an honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts from Willamette University. Congratulations Roger Hull.


  1. Congratulations Roger Hull.
    Hard work and the love for what is your passion pays off.

  2. perhaps the best decision Willamette ever made – – second to offering him the teaching gig. So proud of him and his legacy. congratulations!

  3. A well deserved honor! Bravo to WU for getting it right, and to Roger for his incalcuable contributions to the WU community! XO

  4. Roger, congratulations on the honorary degree of course. But far more so, congratulations for being the brilliantly inspiring professor who added so much to so many students’ lives. And although we know that behind your beard in photo #1 you had movie star looks, you have become more beautiful in every way with every year. Thank you for your genuine goodness, warmth, and respect for all of us. Sylvia Jensen Fewel

  5. So glad to see all you’ve done for the university and the community recognized. Congratulations.

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