Well, There Went the Summer

Greetings friends. I was somewhat dumbstruck this morning when I realized August was history. September hours begin tomorrow at the food cart, school starts next weeks for the grands, I bought a boiled wool sweater. Oh yes I did. I saw it coming.

This summer was hot but it was the summer we finally got air-conditioning (“it’s Oregon, we don’t need air-conditioning”…an old time saying…). It was the summer of porch painting, of gardens, of trips to the beach, of archives and sorting and tossing things out. For me a weird combo of old work and new work as I prepare for my November/December exhibit at the A.N. Bush Gallery. (..nothing more than 2-3 years old, new work when possible. ) So I painted, sewed a lot, took some of the pandemic drawings to the framers. I spent time worrying, not worrying, reading a little, drawing a little, enjoying the sun-filled days. As always, images are better than words for me. The garden and running through the sprinkler (the grands, not me), sewing, carwash, studio, visits to and from loved ones, Jo the cat, cataracts, coffee with friends…the summer has been full and satisfying. Roll on fall!

Here are my hands by photographer Diane Beals and the image I was drawing (of her) when she visited my studio…on view until the end of September at the Salem Public Library…


  1. This morning i was not believing it was Thurs., again, already….and then you inform me it is Sept., again, already! And i thank you for that bit of news. And i thank you for your beautiful words and incredible images. And for taking the time to post them. xo

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