Remembering George Johanson, 1928-2022

This is no orderly remembrance, no chronological marching down the years. This is a combination of memories and joy in the life and deep regret for the loss to our art community. George has left the room.

George liked art and making most of all, and the people who understood that. I composed many sentences, paragraphs in my head about all of his many qualities, about his love and support of Roger and me over these years, about his interest in just about everything from cave paintings to rowing on the Willamette to figuring out reverse printing to the marks Buster’s tail made on the wall. But when it comes right down to it, images were his love and over these 20 years of our acquaintance I’ve gathered a few, so let’s just look.

George and Manuel Izquierdo in 1950

Manuel and George (with Bill Rhoades) in 2007
Phyllis, George and Roger, 2007
George, Henk Pander, Roger, Harry Widman
George and Jack McLarty
George and Phyllis at 12X16

Eunice Parsons and George
the hat party
Mary Real, Steven Leflar, George
at the PAM
George at a Tom Cramer opening, Augen Gallery
George painted Roger’s portrait

George and Aaron came to lunch earlier this month

Goodbye friend.


  1. Thank you, Bonnie, for sharing your remembrance and wonderful photos of George. He was a generous, kind man, and of course a terrific painter and printmaker. He will be missed.

  2. Thank you Bonnie . It is so sad .. he was so inspirational, kind , and supportive to and of Bob over the last years . A gentle man . I will miss him .

    1. I think Bob and George had many qualities in common…good painters, productive people, interested in everything around them, supportive and encouraging to others. I always appreciated Bob’s kind comments to me and support of my art activities. I wish I had 20 years of photos his life. I don’t, but I think of you both often. When we walk in the beach house door there is Bob’s hilarious Vitruvian man and one of his birds perches in our dining room. I still have various funky coasters made from the foundling quilt Madge left at our door from you years ago, would you like one?

  3. Thank you Bonnie . It is so sad . George was an inspiration to Bob for many years , always supportive and kind . I will miss him . He is a gentle man .

  4. Thank you Bonnie. What makes his passing bearable is the thought of him being with Phyllis and the friends he loved that left this world ahead of him.

  5. Thanks, Bonnie……a most special, heartfelt collection of memories. We’ve lost too many dear and remarkable friends!


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