The Life I Lead

Life changes in a second or two…we have come to know that.  A misstep, a speeding paint truck, a diagnosis, a sloppy politician who has the nuclear codes, a tsunami or earthquake…poof…our beautiful lives are gone or irrevocably changed.  While we are in these lives though, it is worthwhile to notice them, to be impressed […]

Sidney Day…

the usual blend of magic and fun.  The day began with a quick chat before the parents headed to work when suddenly Zach noticed that a deer was staring right at us… and then it started to rain and POUR, so the projected park visit was out.  Sidney gave me some advice on the last […]

The One Sunny Day

What a wet winter this has been…and still is.  One sunny day seems like a miracle, and the most recent one coincided with Sidney Day which meant more fun…the usual early departure…misty sun along the river… Playground action all morning…”who’s that trippy-tropping on my bridge?” a great slide… producing some static electricity in the hair […]

Moving Day

Sidney and his parents moved to a new house Monday.  For the grown-ups it was a long and exhausting day.  Our assignment though was to take Sidney away all day, after watching the event get started, and play.  So we did.  We arrived early to find the “old house” looking serene and calm from the […]

A Breather…

Did you ever have a day when you just DID NOT want to go out?  Last Thursday for me… I wasn’t “unwell” exactly, and my mother is far beyond my reach, but it was a matter of comfort.  I needed a day of doing small things.  Getting some envelopes ready to mail… packing away Christmas… […]


We were up at Sidney’s house over the weekend and his Mommy gave him the smartest haircut I’ve ever seen.  Sidney doesn’t watch TV and only a few videos, but he loves to watch.  On this day he got to watch a Thomas the Train video … His mommy worked away while he watched… and […]

Sidney, Last Year

This week Sidney has his first dentist appointment and we were given the day off…so I’m reaching back into my now VAST archive of pictures of this small person…and this is how he looked last year at this time…what a miracle of growth these first few years are, and how lucky we have been to […]