Presenting: The Garden Studio!

Well some days are just nicer than other days.  Some days have traffic tickets and hospital visits and farewells…BUT NOT TODAY!!!

Today was sunny and warm and started with a meeting, followed by a coffee and a read (…okay,  NOT good news…but..we’re talking about single moments here…)

and after two more meetings, and errands, I arrived home to find Wayne and Kevin almost finished.

The studio now has gutters


grace notes:

and the most gorgeous floor…PLYWOOD…

I asked Wayne and Kevin to sign their work…and they did…

Paul Wayne Newman and Kevin Loomis…thank you very much!!!

and now to work….


  1. omg! that is one beautiful space! makes me think of a lovely handmade guitar, which really is just wood around air, but what lovely sounds and colors emerge–wonderful, bon, us wonderful~~~

  2. Bonnie, it looks lovely! I can’t wait to see it in person. And I had to smile when I saw the shape of the inner end walls… I half expected to see you initials in the middle of it at the bottom of a painting! Also, speaking of coffee, I took a picture in Paris for you, and it’s in my photos on Facebook. Let me know what you think. 🙂 Love you!

  3. Thanks for sharing none of the effort and all of the joy with us as you brought forth this wonderful space…it looks perfect to house you and your art making! Well done and so well deserved!
    A delight to think of you in it having many, many good days.

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