Christmas Fun…

We went over to Linda and Greg’s House the other night

and Greg told us about growing up in Coos Bay and how his mother (now over 90) had been active in Eastern Star and had a closet full of “formals”, in the old time sense of “formals.”  When she moved to the valley she cut off all the skirts and had some “ladies” make her a quilt…meticulously put together, beautiful, deeply odd.

Linda and Greg get it out at Christmas and put it on the bed.  Hand quilted, with the sequined sections intact, blanket stitch between pieces…a quilt like no other:


  1. I wish I could do blanket stitches that lovely! I have tried and failed. Maybe I just need more practice. My aunt made silk/satin crazy quilts (queen size) for all seven of her grandchildren – that’s where scraps from the formals my mom made for her daughters and my wedding and bridesmaids dresses ended up. The quilts are gorgeous and the grandchildren are all grownups with their own homes now.

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