Saturday night at the ER

As I’ve listened to people comment on this blog they say “Oh you have too much fun” or “What a life you lead…all fun” and I think my impulse for happy and interesting talk is correct…but any life has other stuff too.  Blogging and carrying a camera all the time makes you kind of into a “reporter” reporting on one life…you begin to see events as blog posts..ahem.  How would I tell a story, a narrative, in the fewest strokes?  Since this is what I’m after in my art work, it becomes an interesting proposition.  Last night I spent seven hours in the ER with my ailing Mom (she’s fine) and here is the distillation of that experience.  (We got there at 5:00 and it didn’t occur to me to make a photo til 9:00…or this would have been a longgg post!)

…taking her home…

By the way…the ER is a GREAT place to quilt, the light is amazing…


  1. You are amazing. I love your life-reporting. And as one who has tried to imitate this blog under your tutelage, I know this too takes incredible talent and energy.

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