Plant Saturday…

Oh is there anything nicer than a jaunt to a nursery on a Saturday morning?  Carol and I headed out to Godfrey’s in Shaw for her annual impatiens (though they had no orange ones this year???)

and the place was hopping

as I hauled my wagon to check out

I noted that at least one individual was relaxed

so we loaded up the car

and headed back to Broadway for a coffee

and then home where the queen of the garden (a tree peony) reigns supreme…

Happy weekend, gardeners!


  1. Nice day for a nursery outing. Your garden Queen is truly magnificent! Wish such a glory could survive on my Windy Acres and blasting southern sun. (when we have any). Thanks for the peek.

  2. I love Godfrey’s….It’s a great place. I am so glad that it is finally that time of year…. but I wish it would warm up a bit. I’d like to plant my garden soon.

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