L&S…the Photo Session…and on

Yesterday was a busy one, beginning in the basement of the Hallie Ford Museum where the excellent Frank Miller came to photograph a few of the Lord & Schryver drawings for publicity use.  Frank arrived with tons of equipment and quickly set up…ready to shoot:

My CO-curator Sharon Rose was on hand, and the first drawing up was one of three that we have borrowed from Cornell University

Sharon is a good writer and has a “good eye” but her organizational skills have been particularly appreciated by me on this project (after mine disappeared totally…)

Collections curator Jonathan Bucci was on hand

and after a brief moment of duelling cameras

he quickly devised a method for Frank to shoot the more fragile unframed work on paper

which worked wonderfully except Frank had to get up high for a good angle

and then on to my next meeting…at the Bush House Museum where the House & Garden Committee met in the newly opened servants quarters…here SAA director Sandra Burnett (left) makes a point to the committee

and I notice the terrific view of the rose garden

Plus we got to see the new placement of John Vandreal’s portrait of Sally Bush and her cat Insignia, over the fireplace in Ms. Bush’s bedroom.  John, a neighbor of Bush House, deferred part of his commission, SAA put in a piece of the price as did the SAA volunteer group Gallery Guides, with the final bit of funding coming from the Ford Family Foundation Art Acquisition Program administered through the Oregon Arts Commission.  A nice community effort.

At my next two functions I took no photos (you’ll be glad to note) but when we finally got home after a chicken caesar and a martini,

there was a beautiful rainbow


  1. I am really looking forward to the Lord and Schryver show. Also very glad you have been documenting your progress here, so interesting to see some of the steps.

  2. …thanks Elizabeth…I was fearing the process posts might be kind of boring to readers…

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