Lord and Schryver

I hope between now and September 18th you’ll have a chance to visit the Hallie Ford Museum of Art to see an interesting show of the garden plans and watercolors of the landscape architects Elizabeth Lord and Edith Schryver, curated by Sharon Rose and myself.

Lord and Schryver both attended the Lowthorpe School in Groton, MA, in the 1920’s

though were students there at different times.  Schryver went on to work in NYC for five years with pioneer woman landscape architect Ellen Shipman.  In 1927 Lord and Schryver met on an alumni tour of the gardens of Europe.  After four months of viewing and discussing the gardens of England, Spain, France and Italy, they decided to begin a practice together, returning to Lord’s home town…Salem, Oregon.  Their first commission here was the Jarman House in 1929

followed by many others including the Robertson garden

here pictured in a vintage L&S photo

plus their own wonderful garden, Gaiety Hollow

The show includes plans of many of their civic gardens,

some of their lovely student work,

plus intriguing details and ephemera including this sketch for the fence in the scroll garden at Deepwood:

Hope you can come take a look.  July 9th there will be a garden tour of the home garden and the Robertson Garden, tickets available at the museum.



  1. Oh, the show is FANTASTIC! We stopped in last Saturday on our way home from PDX. Excellent work, Bonnie & Sharon!

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