The trip East…Rochester to Boston…

First stop after leaving Rochester was Germantown, NY, to see Libby and Michael and Kierlan in their wonderful house overlooking the Hudson River…but I lost my camera the next day so, alas, I can’t show you the work they’ve done on the house, the beautiful sweeping views of the Hudson, Libby’s amazing concrete tile floors, the garden…or anything at all about this magical place…only 6 miles south of “Olana”…painter Frederick Church’s estate…(no photos of that either, alas).  So we headed to North Adams, Mass, to Mass MOCA the big modern art complex located in 5 old brick mill buildings…where the Sprague Company made small electrical parts for many years.  It was at Mass MOCA that the camera disaster occurred but I took a few shots with my iPhone…the Sol Lewitt installation was pretty terrific…

No Photos either of the TERRIFIC hotel “the Porches” where we stayed…totally fantastic.  So the next day we took off for Boston to visit old Salem friends Richard and Carol Yates who moved to the heart of Boston when Richard retired about 8 years ago.  They live in a condo in an old building at Mass Ave and Tremont, can walk or take the “T” or bus anywhere and we loved their condo.  The last day in Boston, when they were driving us to Belmont to see Read and Katie, Richard said…”Bonnie I know a good place in Cambridge where you might get a new camera…”  Though punishing myself for being a ditz, I jumped at the chance and off we went.  As my camera was brand new I didn’t make a complete photo record of their place but here are a few shots…

the bedrooms are on the lower level and Carol’s studio opens on to this patio

that first day, B.C. (before camera) we went to the new American wing of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and then the ICA…the new and lovely little museum on Boston Harbor where we sat and watched the sun set…Carol sent me this internet photo of the museum after dark…

We visited community gardens…including Richard and Carol’s own garden (iPhone)

But really, my first photo with the new camera was of a Corbusier Building on the Harvard campus, the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts…the only building by architect Corbusier in North America…

then off to Read and Katie’s.  Read is a former student of R’s now doing a PhD in Art History, Katie works at Brandeis University as an academic adviser (and has a terrific blog here)

(they were toasting almonds to the RHull specifications…roast at 350 for 18 minutes for perfection)

The next day we said our goodbyes to Richard and Carol and I got a rock for good luck (…that means no more losing cameras…)

and then headed to brunch with Debbie and Pidge…Roger’s Boston cousins who he only slightly knows…(their Dad and R’s Mom were sibs…)

…so goodbye to lovely cousins and kind friends and BEAUTIFUL Boston…we head to Vermont…


  1. Though I shared the agony of your lost camera, I so enjoyed your narative. And you have a wicked good way with your iPhone camera!

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