KMUZ, 88.5

I think I told you about my fantasy of having a radio show…yes?  Well, against all odds KMUZ got a license, got the equipment, put up a tower and…voila.  A radio station is about to go live.  They’re short on “content” here at the beginning, so I got an email to come on down and talk to Mel about ideas for a show.  They’re in the historic Mill Building in a spare office…into the mill and down the hall and there she was…

Melanie plans to be the Terry Gross of the Mid-Willamette Valley, and I say go for it…

I put on the head phones and moved to the mic and we talked a little…about what I would do if I did something, radio-wise…talk to a few artists…maybe get those graffiti guys on, interview a gallery owner or two,  that kind of stuff…I seem to never have a shortage of ideas…

well…it’s something to think about….

When I was little in Chicago there used to be radio show on at night, when we were driving home… from my Aunt Pat’s maybe…WGN…Franklin McCormack, “The Torch Hour”…(except I was a kid and thought he was saying “The Porch Hour”…) and his voice was so amazing.   I think that might have been the beginning of the radio show fantasy.  AND I still remember the sponsor…Miller Highlight Beer.


  1. Your show should definitely be called The Porch Hour and your ideas for content are perfect. A Porch Hour program would be best when it is best to be on the porch talking to neighbors… not early, not late, not rush hour. You will keep us posted, yes?

  2. You must do this. Fate is calling you.

    Live from Salem, Oregon it’s the Porch Hour, with Bonnie Hull. Nice ring.

  3. Go here to enjoy a vintage hour with Franklin McCormack:

    [audio src=",%208-15-64.mp3" /]

    Brings back a lot of memories of a time long ago. The Meisterbrau Showcase.

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