George Baker on Paul Thek

Last night was the annual Sponenburgh lecture presented by the Art History Department at Willamette.  The speaker this year was writer/critic George Baker from LA who has been writing on the artist Paul Thek (Thek died in 1988) who was recently the subject of a career retrospective at the Whitney Museum.

Baker was lively and informative as a lecturer, totally immersed in the subject with interesting comments about Thek’s thinking, work and life.  The work really struck a chord with me and what I’m doing now, so I’ll put in some images…apologies as they are taken from the slide show Baker presented, therefore not great quality.

Thek made sculpture, did installations, and late in his life (he died of aids at age 50) returned to painting.  He did a huge series of paintings on newspaper and these really resonated with me.

The next image the worst photo of all, but VERY intriguing to me.  Thek bought junkstore frames with lights attached and then framed the paintings and hung them in a dark room, very low…which the Whitney replicated in one spot… killer.


  1. Do it, Bon! Our new community radio station KPTZ went live in late May this year and is broadcasting 24 hours a day. I am loving the content. It really reflects the interests of people of our age and education and interests. Great music from people’s personal collections as filler. It makes listening in the car as I dart about town a real pleasure.

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