November Shows…

We made the rounds yesterday…a little anti-war or post 9-11 show at the Gretchen Shuette Gallery at the community college had some nice pieces from other shows this decade including one of April Water’s big women (Cindy Sheehan in this case)

this nice piece done by Rob Bibler and Carol Hausser for an anti-war show at Blackfish Gallery in 2007 (The Pacifist Potential)

and this Thomas Rude print which caused a furor in 2004 when it was on view at the Governor’s ceremonial office…

and finally was removed from the show…which caused Nancy Lindburg to say the true thing…”are we that fragile?”

We then went on to MaryLou Zeek’s gallery to see the paintings of John Casey, long-time regional artist who died this May,

and finally, of course…

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