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Yep…that is what 11-11-11 is…in some circles.  LeeAnn announced this on her blog, and has been getting others to make corduroy quilts with the idea that on the actual DAY she would link everybody up on her blog. Check HERE to see what people came up with.  I didn’t have much corduroy in my stash, and decided not to join this round but then…LeeAnn and Bru stayed at the beach house for a week this fall, and when R and I got there a little square was on the design wall….

plus a small pile of scraps so I decided to join the fray…stay tuned on this collaboration….

especially since we’ll be visiting Seattle on the actual DAY.  I had NO interesting corduroy in my own stash it’s true, but I managed to crank out a small “doll” quilt…with a pretty nice back…