Our Correspondents….

So…not only are WE scouring the state for Manuel Izquierdo sculptures, our friends are on alert too…this week turned up these two images for R’s growing list: this piece dates from 1996 and is located at Chemeketa Community College.  Cynthia teaches there and sent this image

and then Liz was at the antique show in Portland last weekend and called excitedly from this booth where the guy had THREE small sculptures, which Liz nicely photo’d and sent along

Yet another reason to love the internet..and Readers…keep your eyes peeled…


  1. Hi Bonnie,

    Don’t forget the sculpture at “Mary Granger Sculpture Garden” between Broadway and C Street in Vancouver, WA. It is in concert with a James Lee Hansen and Don Wilson and Beth Heron. Beautiful setting. Now that the car dealership has moved away and the new library is built. Very nice setting.

  2. Who would have thought to look for contemporary (well, to some of us) sculpture at an antique show? Good catch.

  3. I still can’t believe the luck of finding those sculptures at the antique show. Must have been fate. Now if only fate had given me a big wad of cash that day, one of those amazing pieces would have come home with me.

    I plan on keeping a closer eye for such finds the next time I go, makes me wonder what I’ve missed before…

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