How to get to Cutler City

  1. Nan turned me on to the Art House Co-op in Brooklyn last year and I’ve bought and sent in a couple of sketch books for their Sketchbook Project. But every week they have a free project…(one week it was to photograph your lunch at noon on a certain date and send them the photo so they could see what people were eating all around the world…for lunch.)
  2. This week it was the “Map Project”…to make a map of something in your life (or your head), no bigger than 4″ x 6″, has to fold and fit in an envelope. I did mine in fabric and am about to send it in…it’s the map to Cutler City (a little known coastal treasure…) At Art House Co-op they display and then archive everything that’s sent in, and I kind of like the thought of a growing pile of small work over in Brooklyn by…yours truly.

better go check it out…


  1. bonnie, i really like this piece and so does dave. front side a map and on back elvis! hand stitching. we’ll have to check out this cutler city treasure when we get a break. sloy

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