Manuel Izquierdo…detective work…

If I wrote everyday about what goes on when a writer is in research mode, I couldn’t really get at it…that’s where images are so very helpful…  Here is an update on the progress R is making on his monograph on Manuel Izquierdo and his work.  Last week R visited Manuel’s daughter Sara at Manuel’s studio.  We visited before in 2010, but R was thinking another visit to just look, think, examine things, talk with Sara…might be helpful, might shed some light.  The old studio, a barn remodeled by Manuel in the mid-1950’s, was where he first worked…all the found windows give lots of light for the work process…

R had a black & white photo of an early piece called “Antonia” that was in the Portland Art Museum’s “Artists of Oregon Show” of 1951.  He had no idea what had become of the piece, but was sure he’d use the black and white photo in the book, and…VOILA!

Then the interesting stuff in a studio…things you look at differently when you are immersed in somebody else’s life…in 2010 this was a just a clipping on the studio wall…

which has more resonance after studying the shepherd series.

Lots to think about…clay:


wood blocks (the figure of a child on the left is Manuel himself and Jack McLarty peeks out on the right…):

paintings (this early one from 1952):

and then, as an after thought…a shelf of maquettes…

After saying goodbye to Sara, and getting directions to the ODS building in Milwaukie, R set off to find a piece alternately called “The Rose” and “Unfolding Rhythms.”  Originally designed for the ODS Plaza at 5th and Stark, it had been moved inside in the new location, and was guarded by a somewhat fierce young woman who would not allow R access.  Access was arranged, and “Unfolding Rhythms” duly photographed…

and only when I was putting this post together, did I notice that the maquette in the photo R had taken was for this piece.  Ahhhhh.  Nice.


  1. bonnie, it’s our pleasure to be receiving these posts of yours! the best subscription, even better than our old fav, the NYT. today’s post had both our noses pressed to the monitor. simply fascinating, this education you are giving us all on izqueirdo. beautiful work on your part, uncovering his studio & maquettes. telling us who is peeping out of a picasso-like comedy of life.

  2. Hi, Bonnie. Your sleuthing is so fun to follow–very exciting to see what you’ll turn up next! I just purchased my plane ticket–will be state-side soon! Hope the weather improves in Oregon!
    best, nadia

  3. Absolutely fascinating! That is amazing sluething, with such a terrific result. Thanks to you and R for sharing this with us.

  4. Seems like the new location for unfolding rhythms doesn’t display it to its best advantage … or is it okay if you are there in person?

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