More Found Art…

Ellen and Karen both called to say I should go to the Church Street bridge and look over the side…remember the Salmon that appeared on the island during flood season?

and then the flood waters rose and washed to salmon away???

Well the waters have receded and now something new is happening down on the MUCH larger island…

Go take a look,,Church Street about 3 blocks north of Mission…it’s cool

Wonder who’s doing this?


  1. Thanks for sharing this fun surprise with others. We used to call this the gravel bar; Susan Miller thinks we should rename it the Art Bar. I asked nearby neighbor John VanDreal if he knew the mystery installer – no, he hadn’t even seen it. Thirty years ago we used to watch spawning salmon struggling upstream, by looking over this bridge, so I loved the symbolism of the salmon sculpture heading upsteam, but sadly, it lost its struggle too. I wish for the sculptor to know how much we appreciate his/her efforts – how do they navigate the deep channels?

  2. I agree wih the wish to know…though sometimes the mystery is the thing. The bridge is in bad shape and is SO beautiful in design and execution…hope something comes of your efforts to save and refurbish it. Will go down and do some pictures soon….

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