Summer winding down…

We’re in denial about summer…we’re trying to do all the summer things still, and the sun IS shining…  Today, after the car wash…(car wash fans…I think this series is amazing with the iPhone and here are three)

we biked/walked at Minto and then headed to the MIG cart for lunch…

only a couple weeks left SALEM…better get down there (drive out River Road to Browns Island Road and follow the signs) and check it out, as it closes for the season at the end of September…we put in our lunch order and I did a little more shopping and R checked his “device” as we’ve come to call the ever-present item…

Errands, studio/office/ and now it’s almost time for dinner…

(I roasted the veg with chopped basil and garlic mixed with Olive oil and a little balsamic…YUM)


  1. Ummmm… delicious, delectable all the way! Where IS that car wash? In a garden? In the woods? Fabulous. Your beautifully composted food shots are worthy of a glossy food mag. I so enjoy dining with you via my eyes!

  2. You are right about the amazing car wash photos. You still have to come up here and see the rainbow windshields we get at our carwash!

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