Wednesday was quilt day…

Mary lives in Tennessee but she keeps track of things.  She emailed me that quilter Elizabeth Barton was going to speak on the 12th at the Columbia FiberArts Guild in Portland, so I went along to hear her.  What a hoot.  Barton is English, born and raised in York (though now living in Athens, Georgia)…and the English landscape heavily influences her work.  She hand-dyes all her fabric, and was talking NOT about hand-dying, but about working in a series and how she gets and uses ideas.  The basic method she uses is: her own photos…drawings from photos…quilts from drawings.  I aplogize for the lousy photos…I snuck into the back of the room and was photographing with a long lens…plus I was photographing her power point presentation.  I think you’ll get the idea though…(Besides landscapes she loves industrial complexes… including the Athens cement factory…).  She was funny, interesting, observant…the kind of person who just likes to look at things, and make them into art.

and here was my favorite of all, and a piece she had with her.  It was inspired by a painting by painter Larry Rivers….



  1. Glad you got to visit Elizabeth! I have loved her work for a long time. I also took her on line class through Quilt University. It was an absolute fun being in the classroom. She is a great teacher and I found her very helpful. Would love to meet her in person some day. Lucky you!

    1. Love that you shared this process and the photos. All her quilts are lovely, but we agree the Rivers’ quilt is a knockout! Nice seeing you last night at the “Meet and Greet” Bonnie. s & d

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