Thursday was ART day…

And Thursday began wistfully, as I had to take down my show WHICH…

I thought looked smashing (she said modestly…) but…time marches on and they have to sweep up and return the key to the space on Saturday so…

…off we went, with a car full of art, as usual…


and later on to the Oregon Arts Commission “Meet and Greet” at the Hallie Ford Museum.  and while some of the meeting and greeting was going on…

I snuck upstairs.  I by-passed the nice little snuff bottle show as photos were strictly forbidden…

and headed to the Print Study Room to see a VERY nice show of prints made by Portland artists on their wonderful one-of-a-kind presses constructed by Ray Trayle.  The show was curated by former student Reva Leigh Main, and I think she did a fabulous job of choosing interesting and representative prints.

John Saling (detail):

Jonnel Couvault (detail):

Kim Harter (detail):

Sheryl Funkhauser (detail)

and MANY more.  Try to get to the museum and take a look…there’s also a short video loop of Ray Trayle at work making a press and various commentary by artists…

and I snuck back downstairs in time to hear “remarks” by OAC director Chris D’Arcy where-in she reminded us to let our legislators know how important art is in every community in a myriad of ways…

and then to photograph a trio of talented (and glamorous) local artists…Sloy, Sue-Del McCulloch, Nancy Lindberg.


  1. Bonnie, your show DID look smashing! Elegant work; it needs to be shown at another venue. Loved the selection of prints from the Ray Trayle presses. Thanks for including me in the ‘talented’ trio. Interesting how so many of us grow up to be blond.

  2. Well, I tried one reply and it went into the art recycle bin. I’ll try again. In the third packing photo the wrapped piece with the blue eyes and tan nose looks so sad. On the other hand, your car looks fat and sassy. But the bra half down makes her look to be in a state of deshabille.

  3. am i ever honored to be seen in the company of those two gifted artists, bonnie. the only thing better would have been if you had been in the picture also.

    dave and i feel bad that we missed your show at art space. we somehow thought we read that it would be down on the 28th. that’s what going out of town does for one.

    love your “first summer i had beans” piece.

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