Friday Was Neighborhood Day…

Friday I stayed pretty much in the neighborhood, but luckily this is a neighborhood with fun stuff happening…neighbor and book artist Ann Kresge agreed to do a quick tutorial for me on a couple of basic book formats, before I go off to California for my week at the Lost Coast Culture Machine with Carolyn Schneider.

I choose the two simplest formats…the figure 8

and the accordion..

Ann is a good teacher and dutifully had me try each step…but the most fun was watching her deftly glue the cover paper I had chosen for the accordion…

and..TA DA…my two finished books…

And then…on the way home, I noticed they were making a movie at the corner…

and finally at G&A’s for a quiet dinner by the creek…you have to love CCRHD (Court Chemeketa Residential Historic District)…

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