The Beach House

It seems impossible to believe this, but 20 years ago we bought this little beach house on Siletz Bay.  We’ve tinkered with it a little bit, but mostly it has been an oasis of calm in our busy lives, a family place.  I’m entertaining myself this week with some before and after photos…here’s how our house looked in 1992 when we bought it…

and how it looks in 2012…

the entry hall in 1992…and again in 2012…

kitchen 1992/2012

the cupboards 1992/2012…

“master bedroom” (hardly)…

guest room…

living room….

…and the back of the house…

…and then of course, just a ton of stuff we’ve collected off the beach… and loved ones….

AND we took possession on our wedding anniversary, so happy anniversary to us!


  1. bonnie, a love cottage indeed. lovely blog always, but especially lovely this morning. family pictures, books, oil cloth with hummingbirds…. thank you for posting this, and happy anniversary to you and R. (sloy & nic)

  2. Great post, and happy anniversary. Love the pics. I like how you have no curtains in the kitchen, I do the same and just let the light in.

    1. Wow. Where did those 2 decades go? So many great memories are in that place. A sweet retreat that has been shared with so many. Thank you for caring for this little gem oasis. Nothing quite like “the beach”. Good fixing up, you guys. Happy Anniversary!

  3. Where is your WW1 sewing machine? I hope my mother’s instruction manual was helpful. You have lots of creative energy and juice which has been squeezed into that “work of art” cottage.

  4. Thanks for stopping by and liking my post! I love your cottage. It seems like the perfect hideaway when life gets too stressful. Happy Anniversary!


  5. Wonderful, joyous color, art and life in your revitalization project of your beach house! Happy Anniversary! Ours is on the 27th, a week and a day after yours. (but our year was 1964) Thanks for the glimpse of your progress-process.

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