Getting Ready …

I was making my Thanksgiving grocery lists this morning and R had a “Martha Stewart moment”…”Why not put lights on the volunteer cedar outside the bedroom window?”  We were going to cut it down and put it on the deck, BUT…really…

why not???  I already had the lights…

but it DID involve ladders…

He was done at noon, so we had to wait HOURS for the full effect…

Beautiful, inside and out!


  1. Wonderful! I had a “Martha Stewart” moment years ago and decided to use her turkey recipe which uses a bottle of Chardoney sloshed over the bird during the roasting. Not bad! Haappy Day! xoxn.

  2. A blustery day here in the valley…the first day of Thanksgiving week…grocery shopping ahead and then to turn on the lights!! I remain thankful for all of you guys…xo

  3. At first we thought Roger was going to stand on the chair atop the wicker basket and launch himself out the window with a string of lights and hope for the best.

  4. He DID suggest BREAKING the window (it won’t open)…to more easily arrange the lights…cooler heads prevailed…

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