Being Thankful

Being thankful is even more to the point on the day AFTER Thanksgiving, when one’s loved ones have departed leaving a warm glow…and a fridge full of delectables.  I can say this year it was underscored for me that my family is funny, good-looking, interesting and lively.  All were willing to try something different this year so we had Pumpkin mole soup (Zach & Ashton…and thanks Barbara for the recipe), kale salad (me) brussel sprouts (Marie,) cornbread stuffiing(Cheryl) 3 pies (Ashton) and a tart (me) and a gorgeous 7 pound coho salmon from Nehalem Bay (which my brother reminded us was an endangered species…eek).  Gabrielle zoomed in from New York City bringing cheese from Murray’s Cheese Shop, chocolates from Jacques Torres, and a bottle of scotch for a certain birthday guy….

I was conflicted at first…dish-wise…should it be the tea leaf on white or on red table cloths?  The brown & white on red or on white??

I chose tea leaf on white…

and the rest is history….

and Friday it had to be a longggg bike ride even through the puddles in the rain…


  1. Oh, my, Bonnie! This makes my two little photos on facebook look pretty puny! Gorgeous photos, gorgeous food, beautiful decor, and apparently the odor of rosemary and oranges everywhere!

  2. And a belated Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from the Washington Street contingent. We went vegan this Thanksgiving — George, Fanny & Ben are all amazing cooks!

  3. You remind us with every post to see the beauty in all the little objects that surround us. My Thanksgiving pleasure was watching our daughter teach her daughter and son to make the family recipe dressing my Dad always made when he got up to stuff our big turkey for my Mother’s Irish clan.
    I always brighten when I see your blog notifications in my in-box.

  4. we agree with all the comments you have received so far. thank you for sharing this fire-in-the-fireplace, linens on the table, feast & family gathering with all of us. each participant contributed to the lavish dinner & festivities, & we remember that outside tree R strung with lights & can imagine it adding its own lovely testament to the beauty in moments such as this.

  5. Murray’s Cheese is in our neighborhood — come visit!
    What types of pies did Ashton bake? I wonder if they ship well…

  6. I’m very thankful for my large, beloved family, the last of whom left an hour ago. Now I find this wonderful entry, sharing your lovely festivities. Reminds me how grateful I am for you, Bonnie and the privilege of receiving your frequent gorgeous, thoughtful offerings. Thank you.

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