The convalescent day moves at a slow pace…maybe the pace of healing itself.  It isn’t unpleasant really…just…slow.  Stately.  But I’m beginning to enjoy convalescence because it brings you so many things…like delicious luncheons brought by friends (THANK YOU Nancy and Ellen…)

lunch 2

who stay and tell you stories of the bustle of the world outside in the Christmas season…and today…amazingly…flowers in a format new to me:

flowers 1flowers 2flowers 4

flowers 5


(and xxoo to Rob and Georgia and little Mr. Adorable…)   And then the enjoyment of the smallest, most mundane thing like going to the bank and the food store and drive-thru COFFEE…

bankfood storecoffee

and up into the hills where, indeed, it’s snowing…quietly…slowly…

hill farm

snow tree

smas trees

snow field

and then home

home again

where the crows are having a moment…

crow moment



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