Cast #2

I DO very well realize that this blog post is iffy for many readers, in the TMI zone for sure…but, the process of removing a cast and recasting an injured leg is interesting in its own way…(and, well, it’s my blog and my leg….so delete now if you need to…).

The long awaited day came today…up the road to Portland for a new cast.  The day itself was what, in British novels, might be referred to as “filthy”…pouring rain, dark, dreary…and the drive was no piece of cake…

filthy drive

but we arrived at Legacy Emmanuel for a quick bite of lunch before my appointment…


I had an xray and then Kelly cracked the old cast right off…

waitingKlly ripping off the old

Dr Beaman arrived to survey the wreckage and look at the xray…

Dr Beaman

The ankle was pronounced as looking good (and I’ll spare you evidence to the contrary) and Kelly began the new cast.  I chose my color (lime green) and she arranged her materials and a small stand to rest the foot on during the process…

cast stand

in really just a few minutes I was ready to go…

Kelly castinggreen!

and go we did…straight to coffee with Zach at the very cute “Bushel and Peck”…Failing and MLK Blvd…


and then started the trek home.  During the drive, the sky was just amazingly beautiful…changing rapidly moment to moment…the perfect image for the day before the world comes to an end…

clouds 1

clouds 2clouds 3clouds 4

clouds 5clouds 6clouds 7

clouds 8

clouds 9

Home again…



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