Householding at the Beach…

We’re tidying up for New Year’s Eve, and to do my part (not even close…) I took on the dusting of the rooms I can get into in the wheelchair.  Wheelchair dusting, it turns out is kind of fun…a different vantage point and a way to appreciate things anew.

I started in the bedroom dusting the little white majolica plate I got in Tennessee this past spring…

plate bedroom

moved eventually into the living room where the sun was pouring in the windows…

piece of glass


and the paintings were looking good including this Clyde McGraw…


And my brother How’s little watercolor of the beach house…

How 6513

Ruth Grover’s watercolor of the old Taft dock…

Ruth G

and Ruth Delong’s Port Orford Lighthouse…

Ruth D

the table at my quilting spot…and on…


sugar bowls

little chairs

front hall plate


junk store painting


and my brother Bru’s gorgeous photos…


and for the New Year..a few poems left for us on the fridge…

poem 2

poem fragment

poem 3

poem good advice

and for my parents…wherever they may be fishing…poem Momand Dad



  1. HNY! And thanks for the wonderful tour – wishing we were there by the fire with a nice cold glass of something from afar. Keep warm and laughing in the new year!

  2. Every image, every line a delight. Your perspective is wonderful, Bonnie, whatever your viewpoint. Thank you, thank you.

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