Rolling into 2013…

The first day of the new year began as many days do…with a few chores… and though I couldn’t help much I DID notice how pretty the clean glasses looked in the kitchen…

New Year's morning

so we decided since the sun was shining we’d “roll” through Cutler City this morning to see what was afoot in the neighborhood (not me afoot…ahem) but the first things we saw were the blue pots of sedums…thriving in the winter wet…

blue pots

and then the rosemary…planted 20 years ago in the midst of a sweet little herb garden…

early herb

but now a neglected GIANT (note to self:  when out of wheelchair weed and prune…)


and then down the street to see what we could see like the neighbor’s chard…


and the houses of our friends and neighbors…



a couple of bay views…


and home…must be nap time…

winter wisteria



  1. That bay view is remarkable….I cannot stop studying it. Please explain the cloud-like rays—or are they ray-like clouds? The curve in road, stark tree silhouettes, calm water with logs, touches of green….to me it’s almost a painting already.

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