…And So it Begins…

We’re only five days in, but so far I’d say 2013 is behaving like every other year I can remember…routine, sublime, annoying, lovely, impatient, content, creative and MILDLY destructive (it’s the wheelchair, not me…scraping the woodwork, tsk…).

So the sun set on our beach idyll…


and we came back to the gloomy fog of the valley.  A package was waiting… a Chris Ware graphic novel called “Building Stories” I’d ordered for Christmas…but didn’t get…in time…


What an amazing cornucopia of stuff…14 separate “books, booklets, magazines, newspapers and pamphlets” (as it says on the big box) along with a diagram of which room one might place each…too much to take in, dense pictorially and as a narrative, beautiful, strange, engrossing…



and then the wonderful Adrian Tomine book “New York Drawings” with this one reminding me of how Ann and Mike met…seeing each other on the subway…


and Becky’s gift of a terrific Alison Bechdel book called “Are You My Mother” in which many of the drawings are done as seen from above…


Today was errands mostly…you know where…

CW1 cw2 black carwash

and then to drop off my donation to the Clay Ball…thanks R…

R delivering

and to pick up my donation to Mary Lou Zeek’s February show (money raised goes to Habitat for Humanity)


which reminded me of a long ago winter in snowy Chicago when I built snow people in front of my parents’ brand new suburban house, the house I grew up in…


and home for a cup of tea…(and my strict 1/2 cookie ration for days when I’ve been–if not good, passable…)

tea and cookie



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