Notes From the Sewing Room Floor

Well…not the REAL sewing room.  The real sewing room is upstairs, and I can’t get there right now…so in the spirit of making do, I moved my machine, ironing board and piles of stuff down to the main floor.  (Note: the person I live with is very tolerant…)

I set up shop in “the back room” off the kitchen, where we often eat and read the paper, and where my computer is…now all heaped with stuff…and you can’t get to the cookbooks (what a relief!)

sewing spot 1sewing spot 2ewing spot 3

and here’s some of what is going on…projects…

project V of G


including Anne’s quilt.  When I was at the Lost Coast Culture Machine in the fall I started a muslin and thrift-store-fabric quilt (my 1/3 is on the left below.)  Anne decided to work on it and I agreed to quilt it for her when she finished…it arrived yesterday…

Project Anne

Anne detail 1Anne detail 2Anne detail 3

and then my own try at a “modern” quilt (now about half quilted)

me 1 me 2 me 3

and then things arrive…an old old quilt from Texas…a gift from Irene, a nine patch, almost totally gone but the fabrics are so beautiful…Irene 1

Irene 2  Irene 3Irene 4

a thrift store find…


and then…the BONUS card…fruitcake #2 arrived from Ellen (which was very lucky as we’ve devoured fruitcake #1 because of it’s little-known medicinal qualities…)

fruitcake #2


  1. Oh, fruitcake *definitely* has medicinal properties. Especially when liberally doused with brandy! You’ll be on your feet again in no time.

  2. Bonnie, I am so looking forward to seeing you on Friday….I have truly been an absent friend….while right there mentally with you all the way..I envy you in a way, as you are pretty much free to play with your fabrics and paints as you wish…with an excuse!!! Of course, you have always been disciplined in a way that I admire..I can’t wait to see you and hear your voice..xox Lynne


  3. I think I see the red alphabet-and-bunnies cloth from the flooded store in Wilmington, VT in that pile of possibility, don’t I? Happy to know you’re back at work with all this lovely cloth. E.

  4. …little known medicinal qualities? I really have to investigate that. You are an inspiration!

    The quilts are beautiful!

    Love you. Miss you.


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