Manuel Izquierdo: Almost Ready

Meanwhile, over at the Hallie Ford Museum of Art, the Manuel Izquierdo sculpture show (“Myth, Nature and Renewal”) that R has been working on for most of 2 years, is coming together at a rapid pace, and is going to be stunning…here are a few “behind the scene photos…

Manuel 1 Manuel 2 Manuel 3 Manuel 4 Manuel 5

…and then today…TA DA…the book has arrived (in time) for the opening next Friday, January 18th.  R will speak at 5:00 with a recepetion and viewing of the show at 6:00 at the Museum…better put it on your calendar!!

Manuel book


  1. It was so exciting to see the arrival of that sculpture in person. Lucky timing! Cannot wait for the show! Drooling over the photos…

  2. WOW WOW & WOW! we can hardly wait to visit & revisit these stunning sculptures. that’s a handsome cover on roger’s monograph too. a must have. maybe we can score his signature on our copy.

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